Mini smart switch with electricity meter

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With Celeon’s Smart Control, you can get the most out of the price fluctuations on the power exchange as electricity consumption is automatically scheduled to less expensive hours. A must-have product for every household with an exchange-priced electricity package. All our devices come equipped with the Smart Control feature. To find out more about the Smart Control feature, read the article ‘How does Celeon’s Smart Control work?’.

The mini smart switch with electricity meter is a small relay that can be used to control different electrical devices (boilers, electric radiators, etc.) as well as geothermal heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps in some cases. This device is equipped with remote control, Smart Control, and a timer feature. With the timer feature, you can schedule switches by time of day and day of week. The built-in electricity meter measures the amount of electricity consumed. In the Celeon app, you can also see the cost of electricity consumed.

This device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, which means that Wi-Fi network availability is required to use the device. No ‘hub’ is required to use the device. The device is controlled via the Celeon app over the internet.

This device can’t be used together with temperature sensor.

If the measurement of consumption is not important, the power limit can be exceeded using a contactor.

Maximum capacity 2760 W.

The Celeon service has no monthly or yearly fees. Buying the device is a one-off investment with no recurring fees.

Additional information

Maximum capacity

2760 W, which can be increased with contactor

Region (choose one)

Estonia, Finland, Latvia


24-30V DC (without power metering) / 110-240V AC