Electrical devices management Do you want to reduce your electricity bills
benefit from price fluctuations
in the electricity market and
remotely control electrical appliances?
We have solutions for that!
Save on electricity bills Take advantage of price changes in the electricity
market, saving money. Celeon devices intelligently
control your electrical devices, taking into account
electricity exchange prices. The price of electricity
can vary greatly from hour to hour!
Remote control via the Internet Control your electrical devices while away from home!
You don't have to take
the plug out of the wall anymore!

Save on electricity bills

Celeon devices make your electrical devices smartly consume electricity by the stock market price.

 Air source heat pump

We offer a special solution for air source heat pumps.

Electric radiator

Use the smart socket for more sustainable heating with an electric radiator.


Use the smart socket to control any electrical device (boiler, water pump, etc.).


Take advantage of cheap electricity

On the electricity market, the price of electricity fluctuates significantly every hour. If you use electricity for heating, for example, it makes sense to do so when electricity is currently cheaper. In smart management, we use the price of electricity on the stock exchange as one important input, based on which we can reduce your electricity bills. In order to benefit from this function, it is necessary to have an exchange package with the electricity dealer.



Phone app

Control and monitor all your devices from one place, conveniently, from anywhere in the world. You want to change the room temperature by heating with an air source heat pump or turn on an electric boiler – just a few button presses!

Continuous development

Be part of the innovations through which we create new functions or make existing ones even more efficient.
We are also constantly working on improving the Smart control in order to bring your electricity bills even lower.- This behind the scenes, unnoticed by you!

Versatile setup

Configure devices to work according to your needs. We try to find the needs of users in terms of service features and cover them. We do our part to make your life easier.



Control over devices independent of your location – control your devices via the Internet. If you have a rural home or a little-used space, you can easily control the heating devices or other electrical devices there.




Take advantage of various additional features designed to make your life easier. Set the devices to work according to your needs.



Savings with Smart control of Celeon devices depends on many factors. If you use Smart control, for example, on heating devices, after the price of electricity, the size of the room and the heat capacity have an important effect. A room that is better able to store heat allows to maintain the temperature heated with cheaper electricity and to avoid heating during hours when electricity is more expensive. Since the price of electricity in the market does not depend on us, we cannot guarantee a single rate in terms of savings, we can only make wise use of the constant price changes so far and thereby make it possible for our customers to save money. At today’s prices, we consider it reasonable to save up to 30 percent on the price of electricity. You can check electricity exchange prices at an electricity dealer or in the Celeon app.




The app needed to control Celeon devices is available for Android and iOS devices. Our app is available in Estonian, English and Russian.


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