POWER EXCHANGE RESPONSIVE DEVICE CONTROL Want to reduce your electricity bills
by taking full advantage of exchange
price fluctuations and remotely
control your appliances?
We have got the solution for you!
Save on electricity bills Maximise your savings by taking full advantage
of exchange price fluctuations. Celeon’s power
exchange price-aware devices will control your
electrical appliances in a smart and cost-efficient way.
This is especially important because exchange
prices can vary greatly by hour!
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Remote control via the Internet Control your electrical appliances
while on the go! You no longer have to
worry about unplugging your appliances!

Save on electricity bills

With Celeon’s power exchange price-aware devices, your electrical appliances will consume electricity in a smart and cost-efficient way.

Air-to-air heat pump

Our product range includes a special device for controlling air-to-air heat pumps.

Heating appliances

Use Celeon’s Smart Control to reduce the heating costs of most electricity-consuming heating appliances such as electric boilers, radiators, and other heating elements. The device is also suitable for some geothermal heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps.


Our Smart Control feature is also suitable for controlling battery and electric vehicle charging.


Get the most out of off-peak times

Prices on the power exchange fluctuate hourly. Therefore, it is best to schedule heating or charging to off-peak times when electricity is more affordable. Our Smart Control feature will automatically choose the most favourable hours for consumption based on your needs, thereby reducing your electricity bills. To benefit from this feature, you must have an exchange-priced electricity package. You can read more about Smart Control here.


Phone app

With our app, you can conveniently monitor and control your devices from wherever you are in the world. Want to change the temperature of your air-to-air heat pump or switch on your boiler? No problem! Just open the app and change the settings in just a few clicks!

Continuous development

We are dedicated to offering you the best experience by developing new features and consistently enhancing the existing ones. Of course, we are also constantly working on improving the Smart Control feature to help you save even more. While all of this takes place behind the scenes, you will be sure to notice the improvements!

Flexible customisation options

Celeon’s Smart Control allows you to customise the settings to meet all your needs. Our system has been developed taking into account the specific features of heating appliances. Users are able to choose the number of heating hours per day or control heating based on the limit price of electricity. You can read more about customisation options here.



Control your devices via the internet regardless of where you are in the world. With our devices, you can easily and conveniently control the heating and other electrical appliances in your second home or other little-used space.


Take full advantage of the additional features that have been designed to make your life easier. Customise the settings to make the appliances work according to your needs.



How much you can save with Celeon’s Smart Control devices depends on a number of factors. For instance, if you are using Smart Control with a heating appliance, the size and thermal insulation of the room also play an important role in addition to the price of electricity. Naturally, a room with better insulation can retain more heat and maintain the temperature of the room, thereby allowing you to heat at off-peak hours and avoid heating at peak hours. As we are not in charge of the exchange price of electricity, we cannot guarantee a set rate in terms of savings – we can only help you use the price fluctuations to your advantage and make it possible for you to save money that way. At the current prices, we estimate it to be feasible to save up to 30% on the electricity consumed by a controlled appliance. You can view the exchange prices of electricity via your operator’s channels or in the Celeon app.



The app for controlling Celeon devices is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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